Young, Muslim and Targeted WE NO LONGER DISTRIBUTE

Young, Muslim and Targeted WE NO LONGER DISTRIBUTE After last month's terror attacks in Paris, France declared a state of emergency and as a result police have reportedly made 1,800 raids and many arrests. We meet French Muslims affected by the security crackdown.

"We have had over a thousand raids on our homes, restaurants, mosques", says Yasser Louati, spokesperson for the collective against Islamophobia in France. He and many French Muslims have found themselves targeted by a police force able to search without a warrant under France's three month state of emergency. "The state of emergency justifies many things and that scares me", says a Muslim Parisian whose house was searched at gunpoint in a dawn raid. Louati claims unnecessary raids and searches are causing further "outrages and a deeper sense of humiliation" among innocent Muslims who have come under scrutiny from the police and media. "Muslim, Muslim, Islamist... We're not all the same", says a man whose business has just been raided.

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