Internet Addicts

Internet Addicts While the Korean government continues to push for digital hegemony, a unique rehabilitation centre has been set up to help teenagers with gaming addiction overcome their dependence on the virtual world.
An epidemic of computer game addiction is affecting the mental health of South Korea's youth. "I play for 20 hours per day", explains teenager Choi Kyung Seo. Hours of daily gaming is causing compulsive behavior, addiction and a warped sense of reality. "I feel like the game is controlling me, and when i lose it, I lose my temper", admits gaming-addict Chae Chan Woo. Korea is facing a drastic increase in computer-game related crime and violence. In an attempt to tackle the nation's addiction, the government have set up a rehab centre where technology is confiscated and the males must learn to connect with one another through various group activities. For the boys, 27 days without access to electronic devices is daunting. "There's no internet, no TV, so now I don't know what to do", Chan Woo tells his mentor. Will the digital detox be a success?

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