The Law of the Gun

Tackling Chicago's rampant gun problem

The Law of the Gun America's embattled cities are looking to the courts to do what the lawmakers won't - reduce the firepower on the streets.
Through the lens of a secret camera, two undercover Chicago cops pose as gang bangers in a gun store. Felons are not allowed to buy guns, but the sales clerk does not hesitate in selling a semi-automatic Intratech 9mm for clearly illegal purposes. This is Operation Gunsmoke, Chicago city's police scheme to prove that disreputable gun shops are directly responsible for the carnage on its streets. Inspired by the civil claims against the tobacco companies Chicago City is now suing gun manufacturers, adding to the civil claims filed by gun-crime victims. Andrew Young's son was shot dead in a senseless gangland initiation murder. "For me it's like a river of violence with the manufacturers at the mouth... somewhere along the line they're gonna have to pay-up." He's now suing the shop that supplied his son's killer. The industry though is not backing down. "It's absurd to blame the gunmakers ... let's do the silverware manufacturers because forks cause obesity!" scoffs a defence lawyer. Yet public sentiment is increasingly opposed to this attitude and between the city lawsuits and private actions they hope to break the chain of violence.

Produced by ABC Australia

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