In The Same Boat

A fascinating and stylish investigation into globalisation and the future of our economy

In The Same Boat In The Same Boat is an artistic and sophisticated analysis of the effects of globalisation on the world, which presents an optimistic argument for the future of the planet. Guided by some of the world's leading radical figures, from Zygmunt Bauman to Jose Mujica, In The Same Boat travels the world discovering the views of its people on work, happiness, the environment, and the economy. Supported by Rudy Gnutti's stunning cinematography and compositions, this film will transform your understanding of the modern world.

The Producers

A director of cultural and social documentaries, Rudy Gnutti studied cultural anthropology at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, and did a Masters in composition with Maestro Ennio Morricone and contemporary music composer Franco Donatoni. In 2009 he founded the film production company "Ancora Musica" and in 2010 he wrote and shot his first documentary: "Love of the Poets" (TV3, Spain).

Filmmaker and producer Pere Portabella, born 1927, has had a lifelong engagement in politics and was involved in anti-Franco movements in the 1960s. As a film director he has focused on the legacy of avant-garde culture and the boundaries of languages. His works have been exhibited at MoMA, Centre Pompidou, Tate Modern and Documenta Kassel.

Making The Film

A very complex production, it took two years of extremely intense work to complete In The Same Boat, which is not just the title of the film but also the reality in which we found ourselves while shooting this documentary. With the feeling that, nowadays, problems have gone from being purely local to being universal, In The Same Boat aims to give hope for the future and to make us think about the society in which we live.

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