Enemy of the State?

Enemy of the State? Despite ISIS on the doorstep of Europe, perhaps the greatest threat to Turkish democracy and freedom lies within the state itself. After 13 years of leadership, has Erdoğan's strong-arm state reached too far?
Just days before he was shot at and then imprisoned for revealing state secrets, Turkish journalist Can Dündar warned of the dangers faced by his colleagues in the press. The editor in chief of the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet risked his life to highlight what he sees as a state take-over of the media. "All we have done is published a story that is true, and he calls it an act of terrorism", he says. Yet as internal unrest and ISIS extremism threaten the country's fragile stability - and even more tenuous hope of a place in Europe - human rights have been sacrificed for the sake of state control. "There are now almost no free media organisations that can freely produce a TV series or have control of the medium", says actor Levent Üzümcü. "We can't talk about anything being free in Turkey today".

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