Life on the Dump

Life on the Dump On the outskirts of Erbil, Iraqis fleeing the Islamic State live and toil in the city's enormous rubbish dump. A toxic landscape, the dump offers a bleak existence for Kurdistan's most desperate refugees.

In the punishing July heat, 8-year old Namak wades through the toxic waste of more fortunate lives. His family fled Mosul to escape IS. "They destroyed our homes", he says. "We left with nothing except what we were wearing". Now he works on the dump to survive, which gets bigger every day as trucks dump ever more waste into the area. As the conflict wages on, the constant flow of waste to Erbil's dump is a cruel refuge for the desperate victims of IS. "Before we used to live in heaven, life was joyful", says Iraqi mother Yousra. "How life has changed".

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