Get Up, Stand Up

Get Up, Stand Up South Sudanese activists are using music to encourage healing, reconciliation, and prosperity in their country after a bloody civil war. But racial segregation and violence are once again on the rise in this unstable region.
"The land of the South is full of the blood of innocent people," sings reggae star WJ De King. De King firmly believes that music is the best way to spread his message of peace: "We need peace in our country...we need love". Tethluach Yong agrees, commending De King's ability to reach out to young people and enact change. Yong wishes to address those "dividing along ethnic lines", telling them "the world is will be left behind". Both Yong and De King faced hardship in the years following independence. Yong was persecuted for his political associations, whilst King was separated from his family. The battle now is to save future generations from this suffering, and it is "young voices of peace" like Yong's and De King's that will achieve this.

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