A taboo-breaking quest to discover the secrets of the female orgasm.

Sexology In a post sexual revolution world, where you can purchase a vibrator just as easily as a pair of shoes, roughly one-third of all women have never experienced an orgasm. Armed with shocking sexual data, a bunch of insecurities and a determination to unlock the key to feminine sexual energy, filmmakers Catherine Oxenberg and Gabrielle Anwar seek out sexual experts, tantric masters, researchers and everyday women to unearth the full female potential.

Did you know that it takes some women 20-40 mins to become physically aroused? Or that certain groups recognise six different kinds of sexual stimulant preferences? Or even that the vagina has the same amount of erectile tissue as a penis? Catherine Oxenburg and Gabrielle Anwar's speculative investigation seeks to probe and demystify myths surrounding sexual orgasm, gaining new understanding of their own past experiences of pleasure. A series of sex experts and therapists document insight into various views on sex, from the Tantric to the Trance, offering such pearls of wisdom as 'each participant has to take responsibility for their own arousal' and 'the best way to get to the orgasm is to let go of it', not to mention sex toy pearls as an effective means for hitting the G-spot, or 'sacred spot.'

"I would invite you to take the negative images you've been bombarded by and create new ones," suggests Jaiya of New World Sex Education. In a rejection of the objectifying portrayals of women often found in anti-feminist pornography, Oxenburg and Anwar focus on sexualising their bodies as feeling subjects rather than objects. The film gives voice to Gabrielle and Catherine's own lack of orgasmic experiences and asks why? Offering a variety of physical and emotional routes to the climax of promised bliss, Gabrielle and Catherine attempt to liberate sexual pleasure from the limiting influences of traditionally prescribed gender roles and expectations. Defiantly flicking away the patriarchy to uncover their true sexual potential, Catherine and Gabrielle explore new exercises with exciting results: "by the end of the process your genitals don't exist, you are literally an orgasmic wave."

As the women embark on their quest for that holy grail of sex experiences, the full-body orgasm, they learn that self-care is key to a healthier and happier sex life. In addressing their own lived experiences, Gabrielle and Catherine champion consent and sex education as a means for preventing abuse and promoting our right to security, safety and well-being in the future. Only when they feel completely safe and free do they reach personal orgasmic heights, as Gabrielle articulates at this tale's conclusion, when she is able to achieve a full-body experience: "'bliss, pure bliss...I felt a sudden deep connection...I was just in this place of pure self-love."

Sexology traces how this triumph came to be, urging spectators to show the orgasm - and themselves - love, attention and care.

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