The Killing$ of Tony Blair

Some people make a living, others make a killing

The Killing$ of Tony Blair Many believe Tony Blair should be charged for taking the UK to war in Iraq. Former Labour MP George Galloway has made a career out of challenging Blair: in this film he deftly makes his case. What emerges is a tale of Blair’s malfeasance whilst in power and power-broking whilst not. Cosying up to dictators and media-moguls, Blair has made a string of questionable friends in high places. In the process, he has also made a personal fortune.

"Tony Blair Associates is a very secretive operation that makes a very large amount of money from a large number of governments - some of them you might regard as less than respectable," relates Francis Beckett, who investigated Tony Blair's lucrative consultancy firm. One such 'less than respectable' government is Nazarbayev's dictatorship in Kazakhstan, accused of many abuses, including the suppression of a miners' strike in which sixty people were shot. Tony Blair, however, publicly defended this important and well-paying client.

The hypocrisy of such relationships is not lost on critics; as Craig Murray, former British Ambassador, wryly states: "Blair was sustained by a coal-mining district throughout his parliamentary career and now he's taking massive cheques from somebody who shoots miners if they go on strike." However, it is not just since leaving office that Blair has turned to Machievellian means. Alleged scandals and counts of corruption plague his term, which was built on propensity for deceit and double-dealing. As he supposedly advised David Miliband on life in public office: "smile at everybody and get someone else to stab their back."

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