My Land

A family fights to protect their way of life in Beijing's troubled land economy.

My Land A crisis faces Chinese communities living on the outskirts of Beijing. Their land is under constant threat by developers, who cut off their water and electricity supplies in an attempt to force them out. When the police refuse to protect his property, Chen Jun must fight to keep his home and way of life. Despite their desperate circumstances, the Jun family find ways to remain positive, even when they lose autonomy over their land.

Without warning a land developer and a group of men arrive on the plot of land where the Jun family live and work. When Chen Jun and his wife approach them they respond with hostility, hurling abuse and pushing them to the ground. "You violate my human rights!" shouts Jun, as he is shoved by the group of men. His wife is slapped in the face. "I didn't think it would be so bad", she reflects afterwards, "I didn't think he'd have thugs with him."

With Jun's livelihood dependent on his land, the pressure of providing for his wife and young daughter is daunting. The developers arrive with diggers and trucks, dwarfing the family's small vegetable plot. Straightaway they remove their electricity meter and sever their water supply. Neither the developers nor the police listen to Jun's protests, instead they label him a 'quarrelsome man.' The family find themselves eating meals by candlelight and restricting their water usage.

They refuse to be downtrodden, however, and ultimately Jun and his family are rewarded for their resilience. This heartfelt, beautifully composed film offers a glimpse of the harsh realities facing suburban communities in Beijing, and the quietly determined spirit of those resisting displacement.

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