Zaatari Djinn

A moving story of children's fantasies, played out across lands left desolate by war.

Zaatari Djinn In the middle of the Jordanian desert, where there’s nothing but sand, unbearable summers and winters with snowstorms, a new tent city, Zaatari, has arisen. The population in this improvised metropolis is 80% children. Through the eyes of four of them, this exceptionally intimate and poetic film sees and feels what it is like to grow up in this place with very few resources or prospects, but with an enormous scope for dreams.

LaurelDutch Competition - IDFA 2016
LaurelStanding Up Competition - Cleveland International Film Festival 2017
LaurelHuman Rights competition - Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2017
LaurelNEW DOCS competition - Full Frame Documentary Film Festival 2017

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