The Funeral Bombing

An air-strike on a funeral, the deadliest attack in the war in Yemen and carried out with Western-made bombs, raises concerns about the conduct of the coalition-supported Saudi bombing campaign.
"People were on fire. People were torn apart." 14-year-old Husain recounts his horrifying experience of the strike carried out on a funeral hall filled with hundreds of civilians. The Saudi military say the attack was based on "incorrect information", and blame their Yemeni counterparts for calling in the strike without obtaining their approval.

However, Ali Abdullah Saleh, former president of Yemen, finds fault with this claim: "This was planned. Intelligence agents passed on information that the 'target' was at the funeral. The decision was made in Saudi Arabia." Indeed, Major-General Al-Magdashi, chief of staff of the Saudi-backed Yemeni army, confirms that the Saudi military were informed on the strike, "we coordinate [with the Saudis] on what targets to hit, on the battle fronts, on everything". When asked, "does every target need a sign-off from the coaltion?" he replies, "sure that's how we coordinate".

Nevertheless, he maintains the target was a mistake and that they were unaware there was a funeral. But with the funeral widely advertised on social media, and approval needed for each strike, this story comes increasingly into doubt.

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