North Korea's Information War

North Korea's Information War North Korea's totalitarian government exercises tight control of all media consumed within its borders to maintain power over nearly 25 million citizens. But some who have escaped the country are smuggling media on USB sticks in the hope of helping North Koreans learn about life outside the country.
Through the control and censorship of state-run media, learning about the world beyond North Korean borders is almost impossible. Kang, who runs a charity that supplies North Koreans with illegal content, knows this well: "what North Korea really fears is their citizens becoming aware of their oppression". He smuggles information and American TV shows across the border to his fellow North Koreans, selecting content that highlights human rights. He, like most defectors, was exposed to outside media before escaping. This was also the case for Yeonmi Park, who escaped as a child and now speaks out against the Kim Regime: "Now I am free, I have to learn all about freedom. What does it mean to be free? They don't have the information, they don't know who they are...we have to show them."

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