Daughter of Sierra Leone

Daughter of Sierra Leone Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place in the world to give birth. For Aminata Conteh-Biger, the shocking mortality rate of pregnant women was the only thing that could draw her back to her homeland.
A victim of abduction and rape during the civil war, Aminata now lives in Australia with her husband and daughter. Her difficult pregnancy drew her attention to the plight of women in her home country. "If I was in Sierra Leone, myself and Sarafina would not have survived. I would have passed away with my daughter." Visiting the maternal foundation she founded in Free Town, Aminata is shocked by the age of the vulnerable mothers-to-be. "It's almost impossible that this is happening. My head was spinning to hear a 12-year-old girl got pregnant." Providing support for rural communities is more challenging, but together with the Aberdeen Women's Centre they have begun to save multiple young lives. "What has happened to me, I can't go and change it, but this is something that I can change."

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