Europe's Neo-Nazis

Europe's Neo-Nazis After a small rock festival in the sleepy Swiss village of Unterwasser turned into Europe's largest Neo Nazi concert in October 2016, we look at the worrying rise of the far-right in Europe.
"In World War II and during the inter-war period, Switzerland didn't have a far right or any other authoritarian regime", says far-right specialist Damir Skenderovic. But after 5,000 people surreptitiously turned out to watch exclusively Neo Nazi bands perform in Unterwasser, Skenderovic argues that Switzerland has a far right problem of its own. "Unterwasser is a case study for us", says Isabelle Graber, a Swiss intellegence spokesperson, prohibited from acting on German intelligence due to Swiss law. A month later, the far-right Swiss Resistance and Swiss Nationalist Party marched alongside 100,000 European ultra nationalists on the streets of Warsaw.

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