Saving the Big Blue

Saving the Big Blue Over 5.25tn tons of plastic waste litters the world's oceans, devastating aquatic life. Can a crowdfunded project help to capture this waste and revolutionise the way our oceans are cleaned?
"It was my job to make plastic products... I realised we didn't need half the stuff I made, so I stopped." Pete Ceglinski co-invented the Seabin, a filter that traps plastic waste when submerged in the sea. He raised $267,000 through a crowdfunding campaign - enough to open a small factory to create the hybrid Seabin. The campaign has become a powerful tool to advertise the problems our oceans face and Pete insists that "together we can attack this global littering problem". He organises community events to scour beaches helping to collect data which can aid the Seabin and its function. With a successful prototype now ready, Pete and his team are cautiously seeking large-scale manufacture. "Seabin's definitely not going to save the world, but it's a step in the right direction".

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