Lighting Up Kenya

Lighting Up Kenya While half of Africa's population live without electricity, Kenya has made rapid gains in connecting households to the electrical grid. Will universal access to electricity by 2020 change the country?
Seline Mumbe has had electricity for nearly a year. "I felt like I was in a different world, because my house was well lit", she says. Her home was hooked up as part of a government program aiming to connect 70% of Kenyans to the grid by the year's end. "By 9pm the lights used to get dim", says local schoolgirl Beryl Otieno. She and other students now flock to Mumbe's electrified home, studying well into the darkness. Many cannot afford the $150 connection fee, fewer still the electrical appliances to go with it. But the government continues to expand its reach, developing renewable sources that already generate 60% of Kenya's energy. "Whether you live in a grass-thatch home or any other related structures, we will provide power", says energy minister Charles Keter.

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