When the Bull Cried

Deep underground, 10,000 feet above sea level

When the Bull Cried Danger, toil, and superstition pervade life in a mining town high up in the Bolivian mountains. Tin is the heartbeat of the community, providing jobs and livelihoods – but at considerable cost. With deaths commonplace, people turn to El Tio, the devil under the earth, for protection and good fortune, supplicating him with alcoholic libations. But when the mountain’s flow of tin ebbs, further measures must be taken.

Laurel Selected for Intenational Competition - DOK Leipzig 2017

When the Bull Cried (2017) on IMDb

The Producers

Karen Vazquez Guadarrama: Director
Karen was born in Mexico City and studied Film at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium's Ghent. Her first narrative short film Mont D'or (2013) was selected by several film festivals and won the Grand Prix at the Kratkofil Plus Film Festival in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her short documentary Flor De Mil Colores was named Best Belgian Student Short at last year's film festival in Ghent and won the Best Documentary Public Award at Mecal Barcelona this March. Her films are a search for a rudimentary form of narrative where she explores little events of daily life with great attention to emotions and small details.

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