Divided Over Brexit

Divided Over Brexit Boston in Lincolnshire has been named Britain's most segregated town, with little integration between migrant and British communities. In a post-Brexit Britain, can these divisions ever be healed?
Boston voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. Many migrants in the town have taken the vote as a personal attack. Hana Rafajova, from the Czech Republic, expresses her concern. "I've been crying nearly every day, because we do feel insecure, we still do not know what it means for us". Many residents want to reassure migrants that the vote was nothing personal. "This is their country - but we just can't have too many more", one leave voter tells us. In the face of mounting tensions, Julian Thompson formed the group 'Boston More In Common'. Despite voting for Brexit, he is keen to see the town united. "The biggest hope is that Boston will become more of a one."

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