A Racist Force

A Racist Force In 1999 a report condemned British Police as 'institutionally racist.' We asked if anything had changed after a year. Black Britons are feeling let down by the nation's Police.
"The killers are at largeā€¦ simply because, here in Britain, police think black life is cheap." This is the feeling of Sukhdev Reel, mother of murdered black teenager Ricky Reel whose violent death has never been resolved. The increasing hostility between the police and Britain's black population culminated in a very public showdown after a bungled investigation into the murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence. In 1993 Stephen was fatally stabbed by a gang of racist white youths. The investigations were so flawed that despite witness accounts none of his killers have ever been brought to justice. A public Inquiry into the Lawrence case concluded last February that the British Police were 'institutionally racist'. Now, one year on, the Metropolitan Police have a new Commissioner. He gives us his word that the police are changing. In the meantime, the McGowan family of Telford have lost both son Errol and his nephew Jason. They were both found hanging in similar circumstances after Errol spoke of his terror of a white gang. The deaths have been classified as suicide and again the family feel let down. "We want justice!" They feel the same as Ricky's mother; "If my son were white, his killers would be behind bars."

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