25 Years On

Vietnam opens up to the West

25 Years On The communist party retains the power it has held here since reunification, but like China, they're opening up to the international economy.
Policies like collectivisation have been jettisoned in favour of free market ideals. Today's Hanoi is buzzing with new businesses. The passion for bicycles is shifting to a love affair with motorbikes as wage packets creep up. Paddy fields are giving way to golf courses in a bid to boost tourism. Yet Vietnam is in need of more foreign investment if it's to successfully play the market. The flagship golf course project, part funded by the Ministry of Tourism, is still struggling to attract more than a few ex-pats. And the countryside has not yet felt the benefit of market reforms. Average yearly wages are just $400. 25-years after its costly war, Vietnam is hoping that normalising relations with the US may pay-off in trade.

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