Lessons from the Gay Altar

Will Australia vote yes on gay marriage?

Lessons from the Gay Altar In 2015 the Republic of Ireland became the first ever country to hold a public vote on the legalisation of same-sex marriage; now Australia is following in its footsteps. Will history repeat itself? Dean Cornish & Joel Tozer report for SBS Dateline.
"Equal. Equality. That's what it means, in one word. You couldn't really say it any other way", says Aidene, who is preparing to marry her fiancee of three years, Sinead. For these two young women, the referendum symbolised greater social acceptance of the LGBT community. But voices from the 'No' campaign argue that the vote undermined the country's deep-seated Catholic traditions. "The population is a rural area. They go by old beliefs", explains Gerry from Roscommon, the only county to vote 'No'. Still others question the decision to allow the issue to be publicly decided: "I didn't feel that my life shouldn't have been up for discussion by other people", says Patrick.

Produced by Dateline, SBS Australia.

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