Surge in nationalism divides Greece

Nationalism A militant and dangerous nationalism is sweeping Greece. Radical Greeks want their country to take back land that has been independent for centuries, and those who urge restraint are branded traitors and threatened with violence.
Many Greek nationalists want to 'take back' countries such as Macedonia, harking back to the perceived glory days of Alexander the Great. Although free speech is permitted in Greece, it can be dangerous. Geogre Kapsalis edits an ultra right-wing newspaper, which has printed the names and addresses of potential adversaries, sometimes leading to their assassination. "Someone who speaks out against Greeks cannot remain anonymous", says Kapsalis in justification of his actions. From a non-Greek perspective these 'traitorous' actions can seem very mild: one Greek academic was threatened with death by rape for daring to acknowledge the state of Macedonia. Relations with Albania also worsen as the Church stirs up a movement to merge southern Albania with Greece.

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