Europe at Sea

Exclusive access to top of the EU as Europe faces a crumbling world order

Europe at Sea The world has not been so volatile since the end of WW2. Migration, conflicts, terrorism, cyber warfare, Brexit, the election of Trump and a shift towards nationalism are all contributing to the crumbling of the West’s world order. Through exclusive access to chief EU diplomat Federica Mogherini, award-winning film maker Annalisa Piras delivers a unique insight to the view from the top of the European Union, revealing how Europe is shaping up to face the challenges threatening its citizens’s security. Two years in the making, this beautifully cinematic film uncovers some inconvenient truths, dragging its viewers out of their comfort zones.

LaurelEuropean Film Festival – Official Selection

The Producers

Annalisa Piras is a London based Italian film director/writer and journalist. Her previous documentary, Girlfriend in a Coma (2013), was acclaimed as one of the sharpest analyses of the decline of modern-day Italy. She studied Political Science, History, and Cinematography in Rome. She was among the founding journalists who launched the news channel Euronews, where she was in charge of a daily news programme on the EU and she is a frequent broadcaster and commentator on European and Italian affairs

Making The Film

Two years in the making, through interviews with top experts and leaders, the film uncovers some inconvenient truths of the historic challenge facing Europeans.
In the Springshot trademark style, Europe At Sea is bound to take viewers out of their comfort zone, with beautiful cinematography and animations combined with rigorous journalism and powerfully presented hard facts.

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