Five Years After Hurricane Sandy

Climate change report predicts more hurricanes as Trump slashes FEMA budget

Five Years After Hurricane Sandy It's been 5 years since Hurricane Sandy obliterated the coastal town of Sea Bright, New Jersey. Although a tourism hotspot once again, this vulnerable community faces an uncertain future.
"After the storm, we adopted this mindset of ‘never again.’ We’re going to do everything we can to mitigate our risk", explains Dina Long, Sea Bright's mayor. Raising bulkheads, home elevation and reinforcing the town's sea wall are all methods used to protect properties, but not all residents are convinced these projects are worthwhile - with the taxpayer shouldering the 35 million dollar expense. With storms increasing in frequency and intensity, this low-lying town will face further destruction. "Sea Bright is really in the cross-hairs of the sea level rise dilemma. It will be severely impacted by sea level rise", says Steve Nelson, a recovery planning manager. He argues that residents must consider re-locating. "It's a very hard thing for me to say to someone you shouldn't live here anymore".

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