Hawaii Wave Power

Will wave power be the renewable of the future?

Hawaii Wave Power Harnessing the power of the world's oceans is a major challenge for companies seeking sustainable energy sources. Technological advancements are now starting to unlock wave energy's huge potential.
Oceanographer Pat Cross manages the wave energy testing site in Hawaii. "People are trying very different concepts... So one wave energy device looks very different from the next." Wave energy differs from tidal energy, with wave devices sitting on top of the water, using movement of waves to turn a turbine to generate power. This means they must withstand the harsh conditions of the oceans whilst utilising its force - as energy researcher George Hagerman points out: "Vessels are designed not to resonate with the wave... Now we have to design structures that very efficiently take in all that energy. It's a whole new mindset." Cross is confident the industry can rise to the challenge. "The prize is great. It wouldn't make sense not to pursue wave energy as part of the world's power needs."

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