Bosnia's Long Road to Recovery

Returning to Ratko Mladic's battlefield

Bosnia's Long Road to Recovery Former general of Bosninan Serb forces Ratko Mladic has been found guilty of genocide and sentenced to life in prison. This report returns to the country and people that still suffer from the atrocities.
When Almir Garbo looks around him he doesn't see idyllic mountains, but a slaughterhouse. When war broke out Almir joined the forces, and defending Sarajewo against Mladic was his first frontline. He was 14-years old. "Nobody won the war. We are all suffering, We are all sick, mentally and physically", Garbo says. He is one of over 400,000 Bosnian soldiers and civilians suffering from PTSD following the brutal 3-year war with neighbouring Serbia and Croatia. "There is no work. There is nothing. There is nothing to believe in. It’s impossible to get a job unless you know the right people", Almir's wife says.

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