Canada's Missing Women

Canada's First Nations women are disappearing

Canada's Missing Women Canada's rural communities harbour a dark epidemic - the loss of thousands of indigenous women. With entrenched racial prejudice dividing communities, mourning families are being failed by state police.

Jennifer Catcheway disappeared 9 years ago, but her mother Bernice hasn't stopped searching for her. "We're looking for bones now. Sounds horrible I know...She didn't deserve whatever happened." Official reports state almost 1200 indigenous women have been murdered or are missing since 1980, but the Native Women's Association of Canada claim the number is closer to 4000. James Favel runs an indigenous patrol in Winnipeg, a hot spot for crime against runaways and sex-workers. "We're 75% Indigenous here. Poverty's high. Violence is high... My community, they all wanted more so we were thinking about more boots on the ground, a direct approach." But Wilfred Catcheway believes recent efforts are too little, too late. "People don't realise what we go through. People don't know. People don't care."

Produced by Dateline, SBS Australia.

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