Rent A Boyfriend

Single women rent fake boyfriends for Chinese New Year

Rent A Boyfriend Many of China's young and single working women are going to extreme lengths to meet their parents' marriage ambitions. Under immense pressure, can they dupe their families with fake "take-home" boyfriends?
"This is a website where you can rent a boyfriend", says Ceilia, a 27-year-old landscape designer. As a singleton, she feels at risk of being labelled "sheng nu" - or abandoned - by a traditional culture, rewarding marriage and partnership over work. Thanks to the wealth of online options for choosing the right man, returning home for Chinese New Year without a boyfriend is now an avoidable ordeal for $300 per day. "What I want to do is rent a boyfriend and take him home during the Spring Festival", says Ceilia, selecting a 24-year-old Asian-American. But can a handsome stranger fool Ceilia's expectant parents? "I'm so nervous. I feel a lot of pressure" she says, standing on her parents' doorstep with Sean, her fake suitor.

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