In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko

Ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko shares his life story

In Memoriam Alexander Litvinenko In November 2006, the Russian political dissident and former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko fell suddenly and seriously ill in London. Yet this was no ordinary illness: he had been poisoned with the radioactive substance polonium. During the three weeks of his illness before he died, Litvinenko accused the Kremlin of orchestrating his poisoning. These accusations would form the basis of one of the biggest political scandals of the twenty-first century. In 2004, Litvinenko told filmmaker Jos de Putter his life story, detailing his rift with the Kremlin and the dangers he now faced as a public enemy of the Russian state. With incredible access to Litvinenko before his death and interviews with his father, wife and friends after, this revelatory doc tells the story of Litvinenko’s life and death as you’ve never heard it before.
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