Unaided and inexperienced, a crew of four venture through the most rural and inaccessible natural areas of Chile.

Unbounded For four months, a team of travellers in their early twenties set out to hike along the unrelenting Greater Patagonian Trail. Engaging with locals along the way, the volunteers are reminded of the stark discrepancy between their ways of life, and are made aware of the looming developmental projects that threaten the previously untouched and untainted areas across Patagonia. In a moving display of companionship, ‘Unbounded’ illustrates that the future of the country rests on the preservation and protection of its breath-taking natural spaces.

"You’ve got 50 plus pounds on your back. If you lean just one cm to the right, you could topple down that mountain and you would never be found again." The lives of the group hang in the balance as they are forced to traverse rapidly eroding mountain passes and whack their way through dense forests brimming with insects and void of sunlight. Battling the elements, both the physical and mental resilience of the crew is constantly tested, with one of them protesting that he would “more like to shoot myself in the head” than to walk the taxing 9 hours of hiking designated for the day.

Photographer and filmmaker, Garrett Martin, assembled a team of wildly different backgrounds and very limited combined experience with the aim to explore the pure and unmarked areas of Patagonia, Chile. However, throughout their journey, it becomes clear that while Patagonia has remained largely untouched by civilisation, there is a constant tension between the locals and companies who wish to exploit their natural resources. The hasty construction of hydroelectric dams, mining projects and road-works are beginning to destabilise the fragile environment of this part of Chile, and indeed forever alter the culture of those indigenous people living there.

Although this conflict is ongoing, the installation of dams and other already authorised developmental projects are being revoked due to resistance and criticism from the public. For Francisco Urribe, an activist in San Fabian, the resolution to the current situation lies in respect, as he hopes to reconcile with these imposing companies “with love, with love for the cause, with love for the river, with conviction and knowing that we do what we do thinking about the present and the future.” As stunning as it is formidable, Garrett reflects that the “trail is so remote, so beautiful and so untouched that I think one of the biggest parts of this trip is making sure that we do our part and that this stays like this.”

The Producers

Garrett Martin - Director/Producer/Cinematographer

Garrett Martin is the owner of VentureLife Films and the visionary behind Unbounded. This is his second feature documentary, with his first, Beyond Travel, winning multiple international awards. Garrett's passion lies in telling creative stories through adventures and contributing to protecting the environment through his films.

Making The Film

An unpredictable and life-changing year and a half journey has culminated in the creation of the documentary film, Unbounded. After five months of planning and preparation, four months of production in Chile, followed by ten further months of relentless post-production efforts, Unbounded truly is a project born out of passion. The crew experienced the extreme highs and lows that come with making any adventure documentary, and since they were unsupported in Chile, they were tasked with coordinating supplies, trail logistics, storing and organizing footage and everything else entirely without support. This made a difficult journey all the more intense, as the crew struggled for the duration to keep up with the tasks at hand that would be imperative to their survival. As challenging as it was however, these difficulties only made for the final product to taste that little bit sweeter.

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