Redneck Revolt

On the frontlines of America's extremist civil war

Redneck Revolt In the U.S, hate crimes are set to rise for a third year running, as white nationalist marches become increasingly violent. Now left-wing activists are retaliating with their own shock tactics.

“A multi-cultural America leads to tension... Multiculturalism leads to strife. We think everyone has a right to their own land, but we have a right to this land”, argues white nationalist Matthew Heimbach. His pressure groups seek to normalise racism in the U.S. But even in the Deep South, he faces stiff opposition from hard left counter-protesters. Redneck Revolt is an anti-fascist group seeking to reclaim the identity of the Deep South. Following the violent Charlottesville rally in 2017, they have been vocal in their willingness to use force to counter right-wing extremism - a move that has attracted widespread criticism. Yet Dwayne Dixon defends his choice to carry a rifle to protests: "This is not just about free speech. These are people with clearly stated intentions to carry out violence against people of colour... I’m not going to be passive". This anti-fascist group's determination to arm themselves has forged an unlikely alliance with a pro-Trump militia. Both groups have found solidarity in their desire to reunify the divided population. For Dwayne, "it really is trying to establish lines of affiliation. I’m trying to get them to point their guns in the right direction".

*Editor's note: The Charlottesville rally happened in August 2017 not 2016 as the report states.

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