War in the Philippines

Duterte's War on Drugs rages alongside an IS insurgency

War in the Philippines In the Philippines, President Duterte's aggressive war on drugs continues to attract domestic and international criticism, while violence escalates in the Muslim minority Moro people's struggle for autonomy.
“He was shot back there, at that corner, like a dog. Duterte is responsible, he ordered it, he killed my son.” A grieving Filipino mother recalls the moment her son, a drug addict, was killed in the streets where he grew up. She is adamant that President Duterte’s war on drugs is to blame. Despite international criticism of his bloody and extrajudicial methods, Duterte shows no sign of stopping. “This fight will be unremitting as it will be unrelenting.” The words could equally apply to the government’s fight against an insurgency fought by elements of the Moro people, the country’s Muslim minority. Despite ongoing peace talks, the Maute group, who are pledged to IS, continue to clash with the army.

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