The Gambia: Back Home

Two migrants interned in a Libyan prison vow to tell their countrymen the truth about 'The Backway'

The Gambia: Back Home Many Gambians make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean to Europe. Yet some, traumatised by the dangerous journey, are working to discourage illegal migration.
Mustapha and Karamo both left Gambia for Europe. They never arrived, detained in a Libyan prison for six months. “[As] a stranger in a foreign land with no papers, you are no-one", says Mustapha. Together, they set up an association encouraging Gambians to stay and help develop their country. They engage influential community figures across the region to spread their message. Alagi Jagne, district chief of Javakunda, is an advocate of the scheme. "We must stop lying to ourselves and unite to stay here at home”. Yet many Gambians still dream of Europe. Ibrahim is 19 and determined to leave. "My goal is to get to Germany...I want to be able to study over there, as education is a base need.”

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