Sunny With A Chance Of Gunfire

Providing aid in the world's most dangerous country

Sunny With A Chance Of Gunfire South Sudan is the most dangerous country in the world for aid workers - last year 28 were killed. Despite this, humanitarian workers still risk their lives to help victims of its brutal civil war.
"My mum would be very happy that even in the middle of the bush I’m applying mascara", laughs Dorsa Nazeemi-Salman, Head of Operations for the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jonglei, South Sudan. The young nation is divided by a bitter rivalry between the President and the Vice President. "You never know when the first bullet is going to be shot, so you have to be sure that they know that we're coming. You would be quite naive to think that danger is not around the corner." Even whilst negotiating with warlords and militants guilty of committing atrocities, Dorsa must remain impartial so that aid can be delivered safely. Back in Perth, her parents miss her terribly. "She was working for the Prime Minister but she said one day, this is not my job. I want to go and help those people who need me...", explains her mother. "I'm really proud."

Produced by Dateline, SBS Australia.

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