Estonia: Cyber War Games

Estonia leads the world in simulated wargames

Estonia: Cyber War Games As the digital world becomes more complex and more crucial, so its defence becomes even more paramount. NATO knows the risks, and is preparing for potential cyber warfare.
In a hotel ballroom in Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, people are at war. "There are NATO nations that have deterrence force troops on the island of Berylia”, says Commander Michael Widmann, “And they are trying to deter aggression from Crimsonia." Fortunately these are fictional countries, and the team are engaged not in real warfare but in a complex cyber defence exercise. Merle Maigre, who heads the operation, explains its importance to the real world. “The most dangerous targets are in critical information infrastructure, our banking systems, our traffic control systems, our ports, our airports.” Developed before the need for sophisticated cyber security, these systems are now vulnerable. ”It’s all about cooperation”, explains US Army Colonel Brian Vile. ”It’s all about information sharing. None of us is as smart as all of us.”

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