Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network

A fly on the wall inside Facebook's moderating HQ

Inside Facebook: Secrets of a Social Network Facebook has over two billion users, all producing and sharing content. Most of it is harmless, but some of it is not. How does Facebook regulate content encouraging child abuse, animal cruelty, self-harm and hate speech? This alarming documentary offers unique undercover access to Facebook’s moderating hub. It presents a disturbing picture of an organisation putting money before morality and for whom extreme content equals extreme profits.

The Producers

Firecrest Films is an independent television production company based in Glasgow. They produce high profile documentaries, series and features for major broadcasters, including the BBC and Channel 4. Their content has won multiple awards and had record ratings, dominating the news agenda, in turn prompting resignations, arrests, questions in parliament and more than forty front page news stories. In January 2017 Channel 4 acquired a minority stake in Firecrest through its prestigious Growth Fund.

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