Hebron Exposed: Among the Settlers

Israeli Jews fight expulsion with expansion

Hebron Exposed: Among the Settlers In one of the most divided cities in the world, Jewish-Arab hostility in Hebron is under strict military control. Each individual has their own sense of ‘truth’, making the war one of words as much as guns, stones, and bombs. Tours run continually, each with their own route, narrative, and maps of the area. Some want peace, others retribution, with the Jewish community continually looking to expand into what is now Palestinian territory. With camera working against camera, in this instalment of BBC Arabic's Hebron Exposed, no one perspective seems ‘true’ or ‘right’.

The Producers

BBC Arabic
BBC Arabic is a television news channel broadcast to the Middle East. It provides accurate, unbiased journalism based on in-depth analysis and experience. BBC Arabic puts the interests and needs of its viewers at the centre of its concerns. Independent polls have proved that BBC Arabic viewers consider it to be the most credible, honest, objective news source in the Arab World.

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