Koka, the Butcher

Koka, the Butcher Pigeon fighting in the backstreets of Cairo

Koka’s world revolves around the humble pigeon. As a respected figure in Cairo’s pigeon fighting world, Koka devotes his time to training and caring for hundreds of pigeons in his self-built wooden tower. Under immense pressure from his conservative community to give up his passion, Koka is faced with the possibility that his pigeon fighting days may be coming to an end

Koka, the Butcher (2018) on IMDb

The Producers

Director - Bence Máté

Bence Máté is a Hungarian filmmaker and journalist. After studying Middle Eastern Studies in Berlin, he became a foreign correspondent, primarily reporting on the Arab world for the Hungarian public service. He came across pigeon racing in the suburbs of Cairo whilst working on other reports and began to gather footage to make a film. Koka the Butcher was his debut as a film director, winning him numerous major awards including Best Short Documentary at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. He has previously worked on Pigeon Battles of Cairo: Egypt's High-Flying Sport (2017) and produced the award-winning German broadcast 24h Jerusalem (2014).

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