Looking For Love In The Faroes

Southeast Asian women look for love in the most unlikely places

Looking For Love In The Faroes Confronted with a shortage of women, men in the Faroe Islands are increasingly seeking wives from Southeast Asia. But what's it like for the women who swap the tropics for this windswept archipelago?
“I think Faroe Islands is the last paradise on this earth.” Grace is one among hundreds of Southeast Asian women who have moved to the Faroe Islands in the past decade. Seeking love, opportunity and prosperity, these women also plug an urgent demographic gap in the North Atlantic archipelago, where there is a significant shortage of women. Mary Joy moved from the Philippines when she was just twenty after marrying a Faroese man. Despite steep adjustments to the language and climate, she is now happily married with three children and a fourth on the way. ”My life is all as I planned.”

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