Where The Peach Is In Bloom

Where The Peach Is In Bloom There's no way out - your every move is being watched and to survive your loyalty must be to the system, not to your friends. This isn't an Orwellian nightmare, it's the Peach Reform School. Filming inside the school for a year, this intimate doc gets under the skin of China's extreme juvenile correctional establishments for the first time. From terrified 11-year-old Wenjun, to teenage secret lovers, Lei-gong and Chanjuan, and the rough but conflicted school instructor, Zhou Hai; intimate access to these characters reveals how everyone is a victim in a system that sets love and friendship against obedience and order.

Where the Peach is in Bloom is currently in post-production.

Sheffield Meet Market 2018, Whicker's Pitch Finalist 2018, CCDF Doc Forum Taiwan - CNEX/Tencent GUYU Award 2017.

Full synopsis coming soon.

The Producers

CNEX is devoted to the production and promotion of Chinese documentaries. CNEX strives to facilitate cultural exchange through supporting documentaries depicting contemporary Chinese people, lives and society. CNEX supports Chinese documentary filmmakers by enhancing sustainable strategies for Chinese documentary making; preserves Chinese documentaries by developing a catalogue of global Chinese non-fiction works.

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