Thailand's Football Factory

Footballing underdogs the Look Isan take on the ever-growing Thai league

Thailand's Football Factory Aspiring footballers from West Africa are leaving their homelands to pursue their ambitions of becoming professional players. Many arrive in Thailand, where they risk discrimination and exploitation.
Tassirou Barry left Senegal for Thailand to follow his dream of becoming a footballer. He arrived on a three-month tourist visa, hoping to secure a contract that would allow him to stay for longer. Much like Tassirou, Peter was headhunted by a Thai club and arrived on a tourist visa. Now his visa has expired and, unable to afford the flight home, he is at the mercy of the coach and the immigration services. "I played there for 5 months. But I wasn’t earning any money.” According to Ousman Cherif, Thailand's only African coach, players will continue to try their luck despite the risks. "A lot of African players from all countries contact me to come and play in Thailand…I can’t help everyone.”

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