Miracle Girl

Meet the 14-year-old Brazilian faith healer

Miracle Girl Alani is a 14 year-old Brazilian girl believed to have the power to perform miracles. Born to an evangelical priest, her story marks the rise of Evangelism in Brazil, the nation's fastest growing religious doctrine.
"When I was three, I healed a woman who had a broken thigh bone." From a young age, Alani has been a well-known missionary. She is part of the up-and-coming Pentecostal Church, which centres on spirituality and direct contact with God. In recent years, the movement has gone from strength to strength. 25 years ago, only 10% of Brazilians were Evangelicals, but today more than 30% are practitioners, while followers of Catholicism have decreased by 20%. "Remember, miracles only happen if you believe", explains Alani's father at a service where Alani will allegedly heal locals in need of a miracle. "Normally I'm quite shy, but when I step up and pray - I am transformed."

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