The Wild Side of Dogs

An intimate immersion into the life of man's best friend

The Wild Side of Dogs From the sheep dogs of Sardinia, to the strays fighting for survival on the streets of Bucharest, a filmmaker immerses himself in the daily lives of dogs. With astonishing intimacy, we witness first-hand the struggles for dominance, the politics of the pack and the cycle of life and death. A far cry from the viral videos and comforts of domestic canines, this doc presents man's best friend as you've never seen him before. None
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The Producers

Daniel Meyers - Director

Born in California, Daniel moved to Paris in 1996 where he has been working on international documentaries for US, British and French television in over 65 countries around the world. His work as a director, cameraman, producer and editor has received many awards, including an RTS Award for Best Arts Documentary (BBC, on Vivian Maier), a Grierson award for Best Arts Documentary (BBC, on Salman Rushdie), a BAFTA nomination for IRAQ Reckoning (C4 Dispatches), Grand prize and best documentary, New Orleans Film Festival (The Allan Toussaint Touch) and a 1993 Academy Award nomination for When Abortion Was Illegal.

Making The Film

Director's Statement

Is it taboo to show 'man's best friend' with natural instincts and drives intact? Is it taboo to show sex and competition between dogs? Too taboo to show an animal slaughtered for food... even though many people go to the store to buy meat every day? For a year I followed two packs of dogs; sheep dogs in the high mountains of Sardinia where sheep herding has existed for thousands of years, and the other through the streets of Bucharest with wild street dogs. In these two starkly different locations we see the resilience of this magnificent creature that we are so bonded with, a bond we don't always see. Now we’ll appreciate them for the animals they really are.

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