The Age of Stupid

Why didn't we stop climate change when we had the chance?

The Age of Stupid It's the year 2055 and the world has been ravaged by climate change. London is underwater, Sydney is on fire and nuclear war has turned India into a wasteland. An archivist looks back at old footage from the year 2008 to understand why humankind failed to address climate change. From the director of McLibel and starring Pete Postlethwaite, this bold, provocative film warns of the dire consequences of our failure to stop climate change.

Reviews and More

The Age of Stupid (2009) on IMDb

A much sterner and more alarming polemic than An Inconvenient Truth” – The New York Times

Bold, supremely provocative, and hugely important"–The Telegraph

holds our attention like witnesses to a murder” – Science 2.0

tightly constructed and dynamic” – ABC Radio News

Educational and inventive” – Cole Smithey

An engaging and urgent attempt to make us all see sense about climate change.” – Sydney Morning Herald

Read the diaries of director Franny Armstrong about the making of the film, here.

Festivals and Awards
LaurelThe Grierson Awards - Best Green Doc
LaurelSunny Side of the Doc - Best Green Doc
LaurelSunchild International Environmental Festival - First Prize
LaurelBirds Eye View Film Festival - Best Documentary
LaurelBritish Independent Film Award - Nominee

"The largest simultaneous film premiere in terms of screen viewings" – Guinness World Records

The Producers

Director - Franny Armstrong

Franny Armstrong is a filmmaker and environmental activist. Born in 1972, Armstrong grew up in London and studied Zoology at University College London. In 1997 Armstrong completed McLibel, a documentary following the decade-long McDonald's libel trial, but was prevented from releasing it until 2005. Armstrong has also directed Drowned Out (2002) and The Age of Stupid (2009). She is the founder of Spanner Films and the 10:10 campaign which aimed to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in 2010.

Producer - John Battsek

John Battsek is a British producer and manager of the film department at Passion Pictures. He is credited as producer or executive producer on nearly one hundred films. In 1999 Battsek produced One Day in September, winning him multiple awards including an Emmy for Outstanding Historical Programming. The film also won the Oscar for Best Documentary. Battsek went on to produce How I Live Now (2013) with Tom Holland and Saoirse Ronan and Listen to Me Marlon (2015). Battsek continues to produce multiple documentaries each year.

Making The Film

Armstrong claims to have had the idea for Age of Stupid in 2002 whilst drunk. Two years later she began to crowdsource funding, an uncommon method of financing films at the time. Armstrong and Battsek spent four years following the stories of seven people whose lives were in some way shaped by climate change which are tied together by the fictional character 'The Archivist' (Peter Postlethwaite). Filming took place between 2005 and 2007. The UK premiere of The Age of Stupid in 2009 broke the world record for the number of simultaneous screenings whilst only producing 1% of the emissions of a normal premiere. Armstrong launched the 10:10 campaign later the same year.

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