Cameroon: The Healing Ship

The Africa Mercy carries out its medical mission off the coast of Cameroon

Cameroon: The Healing Ship The Africa Mercy is the world's largest hospital ship, providing crucial healthcare to the poor. The vessel recently spent 9 months in Cameroon, where over 3,000 patients were treated.
"When you pay to be here it's not only the time you are giving", explains Mercy Ship volunteer Kim Strauss. "You are sacrificing your monetary value each month." The floating hospital carries 400 volunteers devoting their lives to others, working as nurses, cooks and crew. Kim and her husband Glenn are helping the poorest in Cameroon, who typically have no access to surgical procedures, to regain their sight. "In Africa the number of ophthalmologists is very low... so our challenge is to address this problem", explains Glenn. His work not only involves treating patients but also training local staff, so that when Mercy Ship sets sail, Cameroonians will be able to seek help in their own communities.

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