Chasing The Jet Stream

Skydiver Marc Hauser's bid to jump where no man has jumped before

Chasing The Jet Stream Marc Hauser is a visionary. Or is he mad? A record-holding skydiver, Hauser has a grand ambition: to become the first man to jump into a hurricane force jet stream at over 8,000 meters. A big risk, but with potentially huge rewards. Hauser wants to show the power of the jet stream as an energy source, which he believes could solve the global energy crisis. As Hauser's preparations take shape, the scale of his challenge becomes clear.

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Reviews and More

gripping and insightful” – Cockpit: Filmtipp

"World record-holding skydiver jumps into a Jet Stream" BBC News

Read more on Marc's jump here.

Learn about Marc's motivational speaking engagements here.

And the skydiving jump is now a GUINNESS BOOK RECORD.

LaurelHollywood International Independence Documentary Festival - Best Director
LaurelLondon Independent Film Awards - Best Documentary
LaurelAustralian Inspirational Film Festival - Audience Favourite
LaurelMelbourne Documentary Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelAustralian Inspirational Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelPortugal International Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelAustralian Inspirational Film Festival - Audience Choice
LaurelOniros Film Awards - Official Selection
LaurelEuropean Cinematography Awards - Best Documentary
LaurelEurasia International Film Festival - Best Camera
LaurelBrazil International Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelKinoDUEL International Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelLas Vegas International Film Screenwriting Competition - Official Selection
LaurelBeyond Earth Film Festival - Best Documentary Feature
LaurelSpotlight Documentary Film Awards - Gold Award
LaurelSocial World Film Festival - Semi-Finalist
LaurelAustralian Film Industry Night - Official Selection
LaurelFour Corners Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelLebanese Independent Film Festival - Official Selection
LaurelVasteras Film Festival Sweden - Official Selection
LaurelWest Europe International Film Festival - Official Selection

The Producers

Claudio von Planta - Director

Claudio is a Swiss freelance documentary filmmaker who started his career in 1985 with reports about the Afghan resistance against the Soviet Occupation. From 1990 Claudio worked on TV news features and longer current affairs programmes for all the main UK broadcasters. In 1996 Claudio filmed a Gwynne Roberts report for Channel 4 Dispatches where they tracked down Bin Laden in Afghanistan. That year, he also filmed Karzan's Brothers for BBC Inside Story, his first Kurdish film with Kae Bahar. Ever since then, Kae and Claudio have continued to produce films about the fate of the Kurds.

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