The Promised Land

Manus detainees struggle to adjust to their new lives

The Promised Land Australia's offshore immigration facilities have become notorious. 500 ex-detainees have now found asylum in North America, but some have been more successful than others in adapting to their new lives.
Nearly 500 ex-Manus and Nauru detainees are scattered across the US, receiving only brief and basic support from the government. Australian expats like Wayne Taylor and fashion designer Fleur Wood are pitching in to help the ex-detainees. "When I heard about them being resettled in America I knew how little help they’d be getting" says Fleur. Her group hustles to find them housing, bedding and clothing. When she searches for some Rohingyas who have recently arrived from Nauru, she ends up at a rundown building in North Chicago where four men share a tiny apartment, eking out casual work, dishwashing and cleaning. One is seriously ill. Living just around the corner is Imran, who has embraced his new life, however tough. “It goes both ways, good and bad, but I am free."

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