The next Mark Zuckerberg?

CEO@16 Ben Pasternak is a 16-year-old boy wheeling and dealing in the cafes of NY for hundreds of thousands of dollars he needs for his next project. After designing a chart-topping game app at just fifteen, Ben left school in Australia and moved to New York. Living alone he's focusing on his next new idea. Propelled into the high-paced and unpredictable arena of big business, can Ben make it in one of the most cutthroat cities on earth?

Full synopsis coming soon.

News and More

16-Year-Old Dropout Is CEO of Company Potentially Worth MillionsABC News

Meet the 16-Year-Old CEO of Mobile App 'Flogg'Wall Street Journal

Aussie whiz-kid Ben Pasternak eyes next projectThe Sydney Morning Herald

For behind-the-scenes insights into Ben's life, see here.


The Producers

Resonant Pictures

Resonant Pictures is a house built on hustle. They come from the world of documentaries - stories you leap into without always knowing the ending. They like those risks, where reward isn't promised. That's why Resonant Pictures exist. Resonant strives to find new ways to tell stories and reach people and places that would otherwise be out of reach, pursuing original ideas and images that haven't yet been created.

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