Hong Kong's Crazy Rich And Mega Poor

Investigating the colossal wealth gap in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Crazy Rich And Mega Poor Hong Kong has overtaken New York to become the city with the highest concentration of ultra-rich people in the world. But many of the city’s poor have been left behind by the government’s focus on exponential growth.
The government of Hong Kong has offset extremely low taxes by leasing state-owned land to property developers charging huge rents. ”If you’re not coming from a wealthy family, then you have no expectation or hope of purchasing your own house,” says politician and activist Nathan Law. With limited access to state housing, many are forced to live in dangerous and often illegal living conditions. ”Sometimes you can see the rats running along the ceiling,” Auntie Har says of her dingy accommodation. The growth of philanthropy to help the young has done little to help the aging population; in the absence of a comprehensive welfare system, many have been made homeless. Cherry, the child of manual labourers, sees personal wealth as the only way to secure her parents’ future. “ At the moment, my parents are raising us up and when I grow up and they’re old I can earn money and look after them.”

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